Selenite Paper Knife Style 2 セレナイト ペーパー ナイフ 両刃タイプ

Selenite Paper Knife Style 2 セレナイト ペーパー ナイフ 両刃タイプ

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22cm long




A stone called Selenite, which has the strongest cleansing vibrations with chakra symbols carved into it. If you keep it near you when you are using the internet, it will ward and protect you. Anything placed on it will be energized.
It is also said that if you place your cell phone on it for a few minutes once a day, it will attract good luck vibes.

Originally, Selenite is a brittle and scratchy stone. Please be aware that the stone has been carved with scratches and unevenness. It is also a weak stone, so no matter how much you wrap it in plastic wrap, it may break during shipping.
Please be aware of this before purchasing.