Seraphinite Chunk Large Tumble (S1) セラフィナイト チャンク ラージタンブル

Seraphinite Chunk Large Tumble (S1) セラフィナイト チャンク ラージタンブル

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S1 5.3cm 

Seraphinite is named after the Seraphim, the highest angels in the angelic world. Seraphinite is a green stone with beautiful lines of silver, which is said to be the pattern of the wings of the angel Seraphim as they fly away. The word seraphim means "burning angels". This angel is the closest to the throne of God and is the highest angel with six wings that sing praises to God. Normally they don't come down to the human world because they are in charge of the galaxy, but it is said that they have started to support us on earth in recent years. And finally, the support of the Seraphim in charge of the galaxy will be needed from the latter half of this year to 2021, which means that the things of the earth are already developing on a cosmic scale.

Seraphim are God's closest angels.
Because they are the spirits of love and imagination
When you get right down to it, if you have 'love' and 'imagination' you will be happy
Seraphim remind us of this.
Seraphinite is a special crystal with a shiny silver pattern that shines in a deep, calming and reassuring green. It looks like the wings of a seraphim spreading out to encompass you and all that you are.

When you stare at Seraphinite, it reminds you of your past life. When you stare at the Seraphinite, you will remember your past life, you will feel as if you are in a forest, when mankind used to live with nature. Then the deep healing begins.

長年クリスタルショップ を経営していますが、希少価値の高いセラフィナイトという石の、こんなに大きなチャンクが入荷したのは初です。今後入荷する可能性は非常に低いと思いますので是非、今のうちにどうぞ。