Chakra Orgonite Necklace チャクラ オルゴナイト ネックレス

Chakra Orgonite Necklace チャクラ オルゴナイト ネックレス

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The Chakra Healing Necklace clears any stagnant or negative energy from your environment, attracts positive relationships and helps you get grounded 

 Do you know what orgonite is?

 The guy who made the Flower of Chakras set for me said that if you use the Chakra Wand and Pendulum, you should definitely buy the Orgonite Chakra Pendant too! It's so affordable and it's amazing! So I bought it and it was amazing.

 Orgonite is a device that converts not only electromagnetic waves and radiation, but also all kinds of negative energy, such as thoughts and attacks, into positive energy.

The reason why it is possible to do this is that orgonite is made by adding a certain amount of natural stones such as quartz (organic) and metal or copper wire (inorganic) and hardening them with resin. The natural stones transcend time, space and dimension, the copper wire moves energy and the resin contracts as it hardens, causing the stones inside to generate a weak electrical potential which, in turn, releases negative ions in all directions through the copper wire.

In other words, the organic resin absorbs the life energy and the inorganic copper wire releases it, so that the crystal is like a constant antenna to the universe and is not affected by the negative vibrations of the earth.